i empower people to be healthier and happier by providing information and support

proven and practical information to help you achieve lasting results

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Services provided

Personal Development Consultant 

I empower people to be healthier and happier by providing information and support. Most of this information is provided for free, but contact me if you want personalized support. 

Review and Recommendations

I evaluate and recommend products and services related to health and happiness. This saves you research time, wasted money, and frustration.

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Can amREADY help you?

Are you looking for a coach to be in your corner for support and encouragement while helping you discover and build upon your strengths? If you are ready to make positive changes, then amREADY might be a great fit. Let’s discuss and take it from there.

Does life feel too busy, stressful or directionless? Are you struggling with bad habits, negativity, self-pity, procrastination or the ‘meaning’ of it all? amREADY might be able to help you get in control with a solid, practical plan to get back on track. 

Is your health and fitness where you want them to be? If not, you might be able to implement a simple, effective program to make some significant health and fitness improvements. Or maybe you want a second opinion on your current approach? Contact amREADY to discuss. 

Small changes can yield big results.

From The Blog

Do you have a healthy relationship with risk?

Do you have a healthy relationship with risk?

Find Waldo. Yes, I am the dot in the lake. Yes, it was in the middle of nowhere. Yes, there are always reasons to NOT do things. And many times, they are valid and prudent. But many times appropriate risk (not that this was much of a risk) is good for the soul. What...

What is amREADY?

What is amREADY?

amREADY Consulting Inc. provides personal development coaching using proven, evidence-based methods.

amREADY supports better health, happiness, and resilience.

What is Resilience?

What is Resilience?

It is an ability to weather AND recover from difficult circumstances.

Resilience is enhanced by preparation, is strengthened in degrees when exercised, and is improved by flexibility.

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