It is an ability to weather AND recover from difficult circumstances.

Resilience is enhanced by preparation, is strengthened in degrees when exercised, and is improved by flexibility.

Resilience comes in many forms, but mental and emotional health is probably the most important. Physical strength and health can play a huge part as well. Finally, financial health isn’t necessary, but again, it can be very helpful.

But mindset is the key.

You might say to yourself, “But, I am not resilient”. Or use other words, like “I just freeze when there is a problem”. Or I “fall apart and don’t know what to do”. Or you might say “I’m a wimp” or other negative descriptions of yourself.

This doesn’t need to be your destiny. I spent a lot of time trying to answer the question – “Can people become more resilient?” The short answer to that – everyone can improve, become mentally stronger and tougher (and physically too). There are some thinking styles that lend themselves to being more resilient, but others can learn with simple techniques and by practicing on small challenges.

I look forward to sharing some of these simple, straightforward ideas in the near future. So stay tuned. And feel free to share the page.

The final thought. Acknowledging areas you want to improve shouldn’t mean that you denigrate yourself or be brutally self-critical. No. It means you want to evolve and develop. A subtle, but very important difference. And a much more pleasant way to look at and treat yourself. Be kind to others – and to yourself.

Enjoy your journey.

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Be well. 


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