What is amREADY?


amREADY empowers people to be healthier and happier by providing information and support.


Information is positive, proven to work, and easy to apply.


amREADY Consulting Inc. was created to be a purpose-led company. It started with one question – Can I combine my experience with evidence-based proven information to help people lead healthier lives, with greater purpose, and satisfaction? In other words, can I help reverse the growing mental and physical health crises? Can I help reduce growing rates of self harm, suicide, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease? Can I help people find their purpose, discover, and use their strengths to grow and develop? Can I help people to be less fragile and more resilient?


The short answer is yes. I truly believe that my unique upbringing and life experiences combined with modern, evidence-based approaches in psychology and neuroscience can help people be ready for anything that life throws at them. Not only ready, but be the best version of themselves, happy, satisfied, and content.


amREADY employs a comprehensive approach to create meaningful, lasting, and positive change. Whether you are on your own, at work, school, with friends or family, you will find these approaches helpful.

For more information check out the Intro post and video


The topic areas covered by amREADY Consulting


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Thanks. Be well and take care.


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