Find Waldo.
Yes, I am the dot in the lake.
Yes, it was in the middle of nowhere.
Yes, there are always reasons to NOT do things. And many times, they are valid and prudent.
But many times appropriate risk (not that this was much of a risk) is good for the soul.
What is your relationship with fear and risk? Is it healthy – whatever ‘healthy’ is? Or do you seek risks because deep down you don’t like yourself? Or you are so desperate for a ‘hit’, you need the adrenalin and endorphins? Or do you miss out on opportunities, experiences, and special moments because of fear that isn’t rational or is too risk-averse?
There isn’t a right answer. That is between you and yourself. But it is good to examine it within yourself. You might be taking too much risk and that isn’t good. Or you might be missing out on experiencing life and all the benefits that come with that. 

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Be well. 

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