What is amREADY? – Introduction

I founded amREADY to help people. I use evidence-based, proven, practical information to empower people to be healthier and happier. I provide information for free and am available for personalized support if you want a more tailored approach to your personal development.

amREADY uses a more holistic or comprehensive approach to helping people to be healthier and happier. Not holistic as in alternative or new-age type approaches, but in a more complete view of what people need. The ‘complete’ view encompasses thoughts, feelings, habits/behaviours, and the ‘environment’. A person’s ‘environment’ includes their home, work/school, commute, friends/family, and it could include other lifestyle elements like time in nature, holidays, hobbies, etc.

A short intro video about what amREADY is:

Intro Video 

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Thanks. Be well and take care.


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