5 tips for surviving (and thriving) when surrounded by politics and negative media

The negativity associated politics and the mainstream media creates a constant debilitating effect on you. It can make you anxious, irritable, angry, depressed, and NEGATIVE. 

There are ways to counteract this tendency. In fact, not only can you counteract it, but you can thrive in the face of it. A lot of people can say ‘turn it off’. But the problem with that is that the issues discussed might be ones that you care deeply about, that affect you, your family, or community, and you simply don’t want to ‘turn it off’.

These 5 tips (BELOW) help you conserve your energy by limiting the negative influences, while focusing your time and energy on the values and issues you care about the most. Being part of the solution, being positive and helpful when others are struggling are great contributions.

All too often you are tempted to ‘try to change’ everyone’s opinions about issues that matter most to you. This translates to being a person that talks ‘at’ people, is closed minded, critical, and frankly – not someone who educates or influences anyone.

By keeping your energy levels high, your outlook positive, and your contributions value-aligned and solution oriented, you can make a much greater contribution.

Have a look at these 5 tips and try one or two of them out. See how it works for you. Contact me at Contact amREADY if you want more personalized support, or want to discuss.

Surviving and Thriving politics and the media

How to survive (and thrive) when surrounded by politics and negative media

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