10 Recommendations to be Happier and Healthier using Social Media – amREADY Experiment Results

Are you irritated, angry, or upset as a result of social media? If so, you are far from alone.

I created amREADY to empower people to be healthier and happier by providing information and support.

I’ve found that there is a gap between sound research and what people know or do. That gap is an opportunity to make the world a bit better place.

It isn’t an easy gap to fill. Providing information that is practical, relatable, actionable, and that will achieve lasting results is really challenging.

In addition to the research I’ve done, I’ve conducted a series of ‘experiments’ to better my understanding. These ‘experiments’ are designed to help me build on my academic knowledge and previous experience so that share it in a way that is simple and practical for people to implement. 

Share with friends if you think they might benefit.

Surviving and Thriving politics and the media

How to survive (and thrive) when surrounded by politics and negative media

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Be well.


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