Beginners guide to airing down your tires – when offroading or in snow (infographic below)

There are fewer things more confusing to a beginner offroader than knowing when or how much to air down your tires when going offroading or when travelling in snow.

Doing this properly can make the trip more enjoyable and safer while doing it wrong can cause poor traction, get you stuck, damage your vehicle/wheels/tires, or worse.


When people want to get out of the city, explore backroads, go camping, hiking, or offroading, they face information overload. Frankly, many of them ask really good questions on forums and social media only to be met with belittling, condescension, contradictory advice, and suggestions that aren’t suited to their unique situation. Empowerment and education is better than shame and confusion. amREADY is committed to empowering people by providing practical information and non-judgmental support.

I want to see more people get out in nature – but to do it responsibly so that they are safe and so that they enjoy the experience. I’ve had the good fortune of spending all of my life enjoying the backroads and trails around British Columbia. And although I might not be an ‘expert’, I’ve learned a few things over the years. I am happy to share should it benefit you in your journeys.  


NOTE: This is just a general guide. If you aren’t sure if this applies to your vehicle then seek advice specific to your needs. For example, if you are hauling a heavy load or are towing a heavy trailer, airing down is something you either won’t do at all or only slightly. Similarly, the pressures shown are for my vehicle and tire/wheel combination. Yours will be different, so apply accordingly. There are also circumstances where more capable vehicles or drivers will go with even lower pressures. But if you aren’t sure, run higher pressures to be at to slightly below those recommended for your vehicle. 

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For checking tire pressure, airing down, and airing up I use the following products. (as an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases)

amREADY Beginners Tire Pressure Guide for Offroading and Snow

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Be well.

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