It is pretty simple actually. I founded amREADY Consulting to help people. 

I wasn’t very happy to see how many people are struggling with their health, fitness, mental health, fragility, and lack of overall happiness. Rather than sit back and tune it out or criticize, I decided to take action. 

I took an inventory of what I knew, what my strengths were, and founded the company around how I might best help. Over the last year, I have upgraded my education, consumed a very wide variety of articles, research, and information about the best and emerging practices that ACTUALLY work. The problem was that this mountain of information was too complex, too detailed, and often too technical to be of use for the average busy person. 

This is where my strengths come in. I am good at taking a lot of different information in, creating a simple, practical, and easy to understand framework, then sharing it in a way that is consumable and usable. 

If you are looking to be healthier or happier, then feel free to consume the information I provide freely through the amREADY Story ARC Blog, or the amREADY Facebook group. I think you’ll find the blend of leading edge research combined with practical, common sense approaches to be refreshing, helpful, and easy to consume. 

If you are looking for recommendations about related products or services, I provide some of those recommendations along the way to help save time, frustration, and money on bad purchases. Check out the Resources page for some links to some related solutions and your purchases provide me with a small commission that enables me to push out free content. 

If you are looking for a more personalized approach to your personal development, feel free to contact me.

Be well and take care. 


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