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Questions and Answers about amREADY Consulting Inc. (ARC)

Scope and Topic Areas

What topic areas does amREADY cover?

The topic areas include mental and physical health, happiness, lifestyle, the outdoors, and resilience. More important than any single topic area is how they operate together because that can expose and prioritize opportunities for development.

Check out this diagram for more information:
amREADY Topic Areas Infographic


What can I expect from amREADY?

You can expect that amREADY will provide you with proven and reliable information. Evidence-based information helps combat against misleading or wrong information. 

You can expect that you will be accepted for who and where you are. However, you will be encouraged to tell yourself the truth, to make an accurate assessment of where you are, and create a realistic and achievable plan to move forward. 

You can expect to be held accountable and to own your own changes, situation, and any desired development. If you are not really ready to make change or achieve your goals, then you may find this uncomfortable or outright unacceptable (and a poor fit). 

You can expect that I will operate at all times in a principled manner and embody the following philosophy across my range of services or information provided: 

amREADY 10 Principles

Why does amREADY help people be more resilient?

How often do you hear someone say, oh gee, I wish I was more resilient. Pretty much never. At least they don’t use that word. But people want to be more resilient ALL THE TIME.

They want to be better prepared to face challenges with increased confidence. They want to weather and perform better during times of stress, challenge, or even during emergencies. People want to be able to recover and bounce back better from setbacks. All of these needs can be summed up in a single word – resilience. 

There’s something special about resilience. Building resilience means that you are addressing your weakest links, cultivating your strengths, and being the best version of yourself. Whether you get called upon to perform during a stressful situation or not – those gains lead to a better, healthier, and happier life. 

How does amREADY promote better health?

Health means both physical and mental health. The approaches advocated by amREADY don’t replace and shouldn’t be relied upon as a substitute for care from a licensed health professional. 

amREADY shares, encourages, and supports actions you can take to be stronger, fitter, less anxious, happier, and feel better. In many cases, these build on or work well alongside regular healthcare interventions. 

How does amREADY promote happiness?

Happiness means many things that range from laughing and having a good time to a deep satisfaction with a life well-lived. Happiness is generally improved by being true to yourself, using your strengths, but still taking on challenges, to grow, learn, and develop. 
amREADY shares, encourages, and supports actions you can take to improve your short term, and long term happiness. That doesn’t mean you will never struggle or have setbacks. Not at all. It means that you will be satisfied, have fewer regrets, and have more fun along the way. 

Why does amREADY include 'Lifestyle'?

Great personal development can be achieved by being physically or mentally healthier. Perspective and a healthier outlook can also lead to greater happiness and goal achievement. 

You will see a lot of other systems focus on these aspects, and they aren’t wrong or bad. 

Your lifestyle – which includes your living environment, where your work/go to school, your commute, how and where you vacation, etc., all play a significant role in your health and happiness. For these reasons, Lifestyle is included into the holistic approach advocated by amREADY. 

How does the Outdoors fit in? And why?

The outdoors, especially in natural settings, has many benefits. There are many documented benefits to ‘fresh air’, natural light, some cold, heat, rain vs. room temperature, and so on. But most of all, the big things provide comfort, perspective, and bring us back from the artificial life we live. Mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, clouds, stars, beaches, deserts, canyons, forests…make us feel small. They help put our worries and problems into a larger perspective. 

Many of us get too busy to make getting outdoors a priority. Screens fill our lives. We don’t need to live in the woods to be happy, but getting out in nature should be a priority for everyone. 

Services, Consulting, and Coaching

What services does amREADY provide?

amREADY provides information, support, and encouragement to people so that they can be healthier, happier, and more resilient. amREADY provides this information on social media, the web,  and through virtual as well as in-person coaching.

amREADY provides information and recommendations about related products or services that might help people achieve their objectives or overcome problems.

Through amREADY Consulting Inc. I also provide professional project management and business analysis services to private and public sector clients.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can use the contact form on this website. Or go to the social media links and send a message that way. 

I respond to every message unless it is spam (or looks like spam). 

Are you interested in collaborating on similar projects?

The short answer is maybe. If the project aligns with the principles or topic areas (see the FAQs to the left), it has a better chance of getting a yes. 

If it is some get rich quick scheme, something to ‘make money’ rather than provide value to people, it is going to be a no. 

Use the contact form or connect with me on social and start a conversation. I’ve had some very interesting and cool ideas pitched to me. I have a lot of business, consulting, project management, and sales experience, so let’s talk and see where it goes. 

Do you follow your own advice?

Ha! That is a good question. I wish everyone asked that question of every public figure, guru, leader, coach, or consultant. 

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY. Not only do I recommend proven strategies, products, and approaches based on evidence/science. But I recommend them because I have tried them and they meet my very demanding test of being helpful, practical, and easy to follow or implement. 

Do you test and review products or services?

Yes, I test, review, and recommend products or services that help people be healthier, happier, or more resilient. Since the outdoors and lifestyle are cornerstones to the amREADY approach, products that help people travel, explore, explore the backroads, camp, or overland are included as well.

I provide real-world testing and unbiased reviews. If an app or product has shortcomings, I try to make recommendations for improvement, rather than just criticize.

I don’t purchase or have an interest in reviewing junk or poor quality items. There are some exceptions where lower-cost alternatives are actually a great value. But most often, you will find that poor quality gear costs more in the long run.

If you couldn’t find your answer, please contact me and I’d be happy to help.

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